NADRA Mega Center (North Nazimabad)
Plot No D15/1, Euro Twin Tower, Block L North Nazimabad Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan

Review №1

15Nov2020: Visited for the first time for Renewal of CNIC. It is ideally located on the main Shahrah Sher Shah Suri Road at Euro Twin Tower, opposite Imam Clinic after Babul Ilm mosque. It is open 24/7.The requirements are: self, 1 family member and both Original and Photocopy of CNICs.There was a long queue even on Sunday 7.40 a.m. as many people collect token after Fajr and only join the queue after breakfast. It took us 1hr 30 min standing in the queue outside and then further 1hr 30 min inside sitting on comfortable chairs waiting. Then about 15 minutes at the counter to complete the procedure and payment.CNIC Renewal fee is Rs750 normal delivery in 45 days, Rs 1,250 in 1 month and 2,500 Urgent in 2 weeks, probably.The worst part is total negligence by the Authorities of overflowing Gutter and dilapidated service road outside the main gate of NADRA Center as in the pictures.All requested to complain.

Review №2

Worst experience at this time the staff sitting at the main reception i asked him for a senior citizen token he said i can just give a normal registration number and it will come in few minutes. It takes more then hours. Most of the counter staff was not present at 7am in the morning. Dont know when govt will be sincere with their jobs.

Review №3

Ita a nice place one should go there without any hesitation... Staff is cooperative and frndly

Review №4

Me and my wife went on Saturday 12th September 2020 around 3PM to get our NICs renewed through Executive channel. Security staff asked us to come and enter the centre through the big queue (which is without any shelter directly under the sun) regardless you are making Executive or ordinary NIC. We came back without renewal process because I am 70years old and I cant wait in a queue for indefinite time. When you are charging extra money for Executive processing, there should be a separate line for those who want to go through Executive process instead to go through with ordinary queue. And there should be a system introduced for senior citizens to enter the centre with out joining the long queue. I hope top management of NADRA will consider this positively. Anyway I went next early morning just after namaz fajr and applied for renewal with out any hassle because there was no rush and no queue at that time.

Review №5

Nadra mega centre a good place which not seems a Pakistani government office it look like foreign country office. Wonderful environment with cooperative staff and very convenient for public. All government offices should be like this office.

Review №6

Best and most advanced and well mantained goverment office i have seen till now ..Nadra mega centre is open 24 hours with over 50 counters fully air conditioned & sitting place available .The only bad thing you will experience is too much crowd you have to wait hours for your number its mega centre so people from half of karachi comes here ... you have to wait in long queue first outside the main gate after that its all ok just sit inside and relaxFor document inquries you can go inside at counter and ask him .Cnic smartcard renewal fee in 45 days is 750 .

Review №7

Took barely half an hour to submit my NIC renewal. The staff was quick and helpful!!(Visit early to avoid crowds)

Review №8

Its an excellent facility. Staff is very nice ,cooperative and hard working . I needed a favour for my NIC the incharge very generously not only approved but send his subo8to get my work done. Thanks for management and team members of NADRA MEGA CENTRE .

Review №9

Went at 1.00 am there was a long queue .then next day went again at 6.45 am and the process for cnic renewal done in 15 minutes.staf at nadra office is very humble and cooperative,especially staff name sallah u din at counter 9 is very cooperative.

Review №10

All week & 24hrs open, staffs cooperative. Your all problems will be resolved with in a second.

Review №11

Its a great service by govt. 24/7 proper seating.

Review №12

Staff is not a goOd plz chak this

Review №13

This Nadra office location is not show on navigating i was serching from home, every things are fine, but need to improve management department.

Review №14

Neat & Clean place with great working environment and disciplined working staff. Thank you NADRA.

Review №15

Although the environment, seating arrangement and air conditioning was great. The attendants were pretty rude.

Review №16

A very pathetic service of mega centre there employees dont bother of the customers sitting in waiting areas...... Very slow process mostly counters are close......very much disappointement we have

Review №17

Upper floor is recommended in day time because of its quicker service and cleanliness. Staff is cooperative.

Review №18

There is not install electricity backup for system. Suddenly light has gone and all systems had shutdowns.

Review №19

I went for my documentation at 6:46am and the office was empty. I got my work done so quickly. The staff was so helpful and supportive. This is my best experience ever for official documentation.

Review №20

Well I have been here first time for my daughter b form and I found it well organized neat and clean and everything is computerized and waiting que is not that long as they are working speedily only keep one thing in mind that it opens 24hr a day and I went there around 11:10pm and there was an annoucement of shift change at 11.30 and shift change has work pause of half an hour. So if you are planning to go in between these timings then make a plan according to that as shift change will waste your half an hour. Rest of all other system is fine. Ofcourse they are punctual too as they annouced that half an hour waiting time and they started the business again on tym after half an hour.Cheers.

Review №21

Its Good for KarachI people

Review №22

I want to know I gave test and interview for the post of junior executive before lockdown they called me for training but unfortunately the lockdown start they said they will call me about the training but they didnt call me yet what to do

Review №23

You should go 1am Friday night then you can easily get the number

Review №24

Excellent service and staff.

Review №25

Very good place fir all national identity related work

Review №26

Nadra office just oposite to masjid e farooq e azam north nazimabad block k between sakhi hassan and five star chorangi when you go to sakhi hassan chorangi to five star chorangi left side marrage halls glori shoing plaza post office mateen cating sevice hamdard office after this you see nadra office which is open 24 hours.

Review №27

Amazing place good service

Review №28

One window operation all staff good behaviour and cooperative many times visited for different purposes

Review №29

Went there in Ramzan on 25-May-19, there was quite a rush at that time but the Gentleman who took data was amazing n truly a humble gentleman. And at the time of collection his shift was rotated and was on the collection point and yet amazing customer service was provided.Forgot his name else i would have mentioned it here.Over all experience is rated in terms of location, service and environment.

Review №30

Nice branch , they are well equipped with technology, cleanliness in waiting area is good, and there is enough seating capacity. There is more room for staff grooming and there efficiency. There is always car parking issue, just park at road side any how good branch for this area

Review №31

Neat & clean place , Co operative staff ...Not much crowd due to so many counters ...Best to go early morning or late night

Review №32

I visited here lots of time. I like one window operation and very nice environment and also 24 hours flexible time to everyone.

Review №33

Currently after covid outbreak long queues under the sun are common

Review №34

A nice, clean and one of the fastest Government office of Karachi, where you can get many Official documents such as National #IdCard, Registration Form, Family Registration Forms and many other documents. There are many counters which serve 24/7 in very friendly atmosphere.We were there for Nadra Family Registration #Certificate , which they charged 1000Rs but we get it instantly. Staff were so cooperative and friendly.And the best thing i saw there is a wide Wheel Chair #Accessible Ramp , and Accessibile Washrooms. So the place is #Accessibility-friendly .#letsguide

Review №35

Nadra must add an inquiry counter for walk in costumers. Otherwise All ok

Review №36

It wo nice experience to visit here.... Nice place

Review №37

I visited the center with my children.The staff on duty process my request swiftly.Thank You NADRA, Thank You staff of Nadra

Review №38

Amazing experience. When i went for the first time believe me feels like Im not in Pakistan. Well equipped cleaned and cooperative staff. Overall Im highly satisfied with the new face of nadra.

Review №39

Very lazy working.getting very late.

Review №40

Well managed. No hassle. Easy procedure.

Review №41

Good experience, they are well equipped with technology, cleanliness in waiting area is good, and there is enough seating capacity. There is more room for staff grooming and there efficiency. There is always car parking issue, just park at road side. Thatswhy I give three Stars

Review №42

Newly open mega centre or should say all in one solution centre for your registration needs. Staffs here are working really hard in shifts to make this place working 24/7Crowd is too over flowing & it is my personal advise to get your no as early as possible in the morning.Place is kept very nicely maintained & tidy clean as compare to the other Govt. offices

Review №43

Having a 24/7 Center is good but the management of demand is bad. Walked in at 12.08am and turn came up at 4.05am. In these 4 hours only 7 out of 13 counters were functional. NADRA needs more staff in shifts to manage demand.

Review №44

I had a great experience today at NADRA Mega Center... Me and my 3 relatives.. we all together go for CNIC Cards process.... At 10:00pm we enter and right at 11:14pm we all leave with our receiving tokens. Also AC environment, soft and relaxing seating arrangement... Super fast working staff with very polite and humble behavior. Whole NADRA MEGA CENTER is completely VIP and equal for all... I love you Pakistan... Nice work by government.

Review №45

Good job

Review №46

Very fast service. Less crowded on working days as compare to weekend

Review №47

V nice helpful staff.. Slightly busy, Make sure bring your required documents photocopies

Review №48

Modification Procedure Timings are 9 am to 9 pm, I had Khuwari Tonight because no one told me niether thier website FAQS include that, So Stay Happy at Home Nd Call them before coming here.

Review №49

Beautiful nadra great experience nice environment

Review №50

The procedure is slow. I just had to wait 2 hours and 30 minutes for my turn, but it was worth the wait the person at counter 29 was great with me and my mother and we had no problems with him.

Review №51

Its a good and much better place then other government offices

Review №52

Most INCOMPETENT people in whole karachi . They really dont know what they are doing. Everyone there look bored and uninterested in working. They never try to help you and never tell you everything you need to get your work done .

Review №53

Excellent experience,very cooperative staffvery much convenient & easy....

Review №54

Its an amazing facility providing high quality service to their customers that nerver seen before in any NADRA center. Staff and management are very cooperative.

Review №55

Why they are not covering Orangi town citizen? They clearly said the facility is not for Orangi town peoples. This place is trash.

Review №56

Long service. Took almost 5 hours.

Review №57

Overall wonderful experience from getting token to receiving the cnic. Staff is cooperative and dealing people nicely.Setting example for other govt entities to follow.Hats off to management.

Review №58

Very crowded

Review №59

My name is umair khan and i am from Punjab but i am Living in Bahrain last year i visited to this Centre for my Brother in Law FRC Copy. And i wait only few minuts & Half an hour we get that. And At a time 38 to 40 People works was being done in few minuts. But in punjab there NADRA system is very very very bad becaus there staff is not enoughf and there is no watting area for pepols & standing in sun light and tweeting and they have to wait long for there tokens and number. 1st time me & my wife saw best nadra in the krachi and i dont know about others but i will say thank you to those pepols who make this NADRA office and who keep maintained this system. This is Beautyfull and nice branch they have and well equipped with technology, cleanliness in waiting area is good, and there is enough seating capacity. There is more room for staff grooming and there efficiency. There is always car parking issue, just park at road side any how good branch for this area

Review №60

Terrible experience, me and my mother had to wait for over three hours for our turn. Wed gone around 07:00 Pm and got free a while after 10:00 Pm and we werent the only ones waiting for our turn. I had to get my smart card made which took this long, although people who were there just to collect their cards had to wait just as long. Despite having multiple counters to help people, less than half of them were working.The only upside was when our turn finally came, the person working at the counter was very cooperative and finished our work very quickly.

Review №61

It was a great experience at Nadra Mega just took an hour for going through all the process.Appreciated!

Review №62

Nicely work, I really appreciate.

Review №63


Review №64

Excellent customer service, staff was very humble and guide every single step to get your CNIC. We definitely need more of such kind of Mega Centre.

Review №65

Best place best service seen first time in any govt office and no within 10min on Sunday morning.awesome experience.well done staff

Review №66

It took half an hour hardly reason being reached early in the morning around 9 am, may be. While staff were just OK. While cost are higher side any ways.

Review №67

Not show ramdan timeing daliy close 7pm to 10pm

Review №68

Visited only once and got my CNIC ready for take away.As simple office and procedure as it could be.I loved it and want to see more offices like this.Remember: dont forget to take stapler with you.

Review №69

Opens 24/7, good services and I got my smart card in just 15 days (on urgent fee of 1500). For CNIC you should have matric certificate, computerized form B, CNIC of parents (all documents are required in original & photocopies will be submitted with the form) and any one of your siblings/parents should be with you for verification by their thumb impression. one photocopy shop is located along with NADRA Mega Center.

Review №70

My father had a very good experience, went on Sunday and got free within an hour, plus ambiance is very good when compared to other offices of Nadra.Has sofa chairs and centrally air conditioned.

Review №71

Bught Ache Log Hain Tameez Daar No Doubt Hr Point Of View Se Perfect

Review №72

First review: Was out and done in 30 min. Reached at around 10:30 or so in weekdays. Staff was also cooperative. I also had all the necessary documents with me so had no hassle.Second review: One of worst experience uptill yet came in at 9 pm in weekdays, took 6 hours to get to my turn. Only 5 out of 13 counters were working through out.

Review №73

Well developed system... hassle free dealing... well behaved staff... pleasant enviorment.. took one hour to complete process.. beat thing is that it is single window operation.. no bank challan tention

Review №74

Excellent in terms of service and place. Cooperative staff and senior citizen counter

Review №75

Visited on 5 Jul-18 at 9:11 Am & exit on 11:30 Am after completion My CNIC Request.Great Environment & Cooperative Staff.

Review №76

I am very happy about this step of the government.Many people have created many things.Staff is very hard-working.People get solutions to their problems easily.thanks government of Pakistan of this kindness...

Review №77

Toooo have to wait atleast 3 hours for your turn after taking the are lucky if you get a seat to sit.

Review №78

Waooo its a great experience in. Pakistan this kind of service I cant believe thisIn shallaha now v can say its TRUE Tabdilee aye hy ......

Review №79

It was a great experience

Review №80

Nice Work By Government And I Had To 5 Hours To Apply My Snic Card 5 Hours It Was Soooooooo Terible And Nice Pleasant Area

Review №81

Better, if u have all the relevant docs.

Review №82

Unfortunately the aim of NADRA MEGA CENTER goes in vein, as per CH. NISAR ALI KHAN it will facilitate 24 hrs, and it will provide services to all citizens, but NADRA officials says that only people of local areas (surrounding areas) will be treated, if i am coming from Sadder, SITE, Baldia etc they will not entertained, if so, what is the purpose of 24 Hrs services for few peoples. and investment of 370 millions rupees ?

Review №83

No corruption

Review №84


Review №85

Awesome, educated and well mannered staff.

Review №86

Long waiting. But in the end worth it cause its a one window service, you are catered at one counter and you dont need to go to vqrious counters. It takes 3-4 hours in total to get your job done. I went there at around 1830hrs. By the time I got token, it was 1945hrs. I was attended at 2115hrs. I was done and out at 2140hrs.

Review №87

Pathetic service.unprofessional staff! Ahsan kr rhay hain ye log ap pr apko acha mahol de kr..mera NIC bana to fiya but 2 months sy usmein Biometric update nhi krky de rhy.

Review №88

All i can say is bravo..... ..... whatever u wanna modify they won’t do it at first but they will modify something else... naya pakistan... naya nadra....

Review №89

Good service. on time operations

Review №90

Very Good and keep It up

Review №91

Nice and helping staff. My amazing experience of any government office till now.

Review №92

Very bad experience, too much time waste, If you want to go take the token no and go back your home otherwise you will miss your all day/night. They even dont ask the type of CNIC we want to make, they just ask for maximum price.

Review №93

Good service, fast service i was out of there in 50 min with my required thing

Review №94

Good organized center as compared to other Nadara office, Cooperative staff and senior citizen counter,Good opportunity for Nadra Services due to 24 hrs working but bed thing is that The procedure is slow.due to create less counters therfore its creates rush and even 2 hrs to wait for your turn.

Review №95

They do not make simple nic on Sunday apart from it. It was a good experience.

Review №96

Good opportunity for Nadra Services due to 24 hrs working, but less counters creates rush and even 2 hrs to wait for your number announcement, a separate counter or numbers to be allotted for birth certificate or b-forms, to provides quick service for families visiting with childrens. Visitor parking also an issue.

Review №97

Its was easy... And depend on who is dealing with you

Review №98

#nadra keeep it up

Review №99

Surly they hv changed their image by their hard work. I hv got my Id card in 10 days. Air conditioned neat and clean environment. I suggest to visit after 12 at night along with blood relation person. Asked them to keep their original documents e.g. Cnic etc with them.Doing good job NADRA.

Review №100

Today its shown that nadra mega center is open but actually nadra mega center is closed today is the last date of form submission and now I have to pay the fee again whats that????

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  • Phone:+92 51 111 786 100
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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