Aladdin Park
Rashid Minhas Rd, Block 11 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan

Review №1

Aladin Park is the best place to enjoy for rides lovers.Swings and rides are available for all age groups and difficulty levels.Toughest is Discovery and Bounce&Twist.The fee is reasonable and Band is available for Rs300 for unlimited rides.Separate area for haunted house, arcade game and kids area is also there.Chair lift is the pick of all options.All n all, its fun place for whole family.

Review №2

Aladdin Park is one of the famous family parks located on Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. They are having number of rides, Water Park, Amusements Park, restaurants, fast foods shops, boating, shopping mall in starting of park, attractions and lots more of for all family. There tickets are very low price thus it’s a best for place for families living in Karachi for enjoying with children’s and other family members. Admission is only for families no signal person was allowed in park. There water play ground has a water slip which is supposed to be the major in Asia. Many families daily come to this place, if anyone wants fun and enjoyment on weekend or on any holiday Please Visit this Park.

Review №3

Good place for families, mostly people visit here who are not karachians you see people from allover Pakistan.. Very Good place, recommended.

Review №4

Over all a good place to visit so much things for adventure but for families its not a save environment the managment should look after this....

Review №5

Pls discourage young girls boys together to avoid vulgarity. Please mention rides pictures with names so that its easy to find n enjoy rides. N time saving also.

Review №6

Good place for fun and joy .. Reasonable price for entry and good area of Joy land.. Also chair lifts.. And other portion of Super Space also good.. And good Market as well for ladies and kids good verities.. Ladies Kurti and shirts available at Zafar bhai shop (reasonable price)

Review №7

In weekend park is very crowdy overall good place specially superspace for childrenthey enjoy very much and having fun

Review №8

First trip with my husband after marriage at alladin was owsom I enjoyed alot

Review №9

It was awesome , we enjoyed well. Food expresses, and the environment was best. But the quality of burger was not as we expected.

Review №10

Its an amazing place, the best rides you can find in Karachi if you love speed and wanna scream!! There are all types of things, you shop for stuff while you go..and everythings available, may it be kitchen cutlery or clothes, shoes, make-up, or even house decor.. I always love going to Aladdin. Plus there are many food stalls and you can find almost anything you wanna eat!! The only con I find is the public.. all kinds of people come from all kinds of places and something it kinda gets a cheap environment! Other than that its one of the best places in Karachi!! Id give it a 4/5.

Review №11

I love this place for all age of people ️

Review №12

Best Places for Electrical Rides most no. Of rides park in Karachi mostly family is allowed best place highly recommend

Review №13

Good place for family picnic. But some information is needed to be updated. Quality Food is . Good rides are not included in wrist band. The safety equipment should be replaced with new ( belts, foam and etc. New rides should be launched for upgrading the park. Security, counter staff required training for better dealing with customers.

Review №14

Five star park but all foods items quality and taste is tooooooo baaaad

Review №15

It was a good experience. It was well organised n neat n clean. But we faced a problem there that there was no water in washrooms surprisingly

Review №16

One of the best amusement park in Karachi.They are bit costy but its worthy

Review №17

This is best Park for children and And also for all family members. I visited here with my family I really enjoyed and do a lot of joy. Unlimited fun unlimited play area and most interesting part of this park you will never be boor. You see the following pictures and also see some important part of this park.Bad part of this park is security dont allow food on this park that is Reason only 2 Stars I given on this park...(Sorry for English)

Review №18

Loved it. neat clean. lot of greenary. lovly plantation. lot of eateries. huge place. peaceful. nice amusement pak. well managed. courteous staff.

Review №19

Amazing place but I am underaged so I couldnt enjoy some of the rides but the rest of them were superb Ill come after three years and then enjoy those rides ️

Review №20

Good place to chill and hangout with your loved ones. But I dont at all recommend you to take the most dangerous ride of the park. Not only is it scary but also abit uncomfortable. It goes up and down with high speeds and not only that but at the same time it spins round and round, making you feel dizzy tossing your whole body up and down and 360 degree. The upside down experience is scary and there will be a point where youll feel you are gonna fall. The ride is not unsafe but the belts are not tight enough coz due to the intense movement youre arms and/or thighs will feel the pressure. And after you get off you will feel discomfort or ache in either your arm or shoulder muscles and/or inner thighs. So I dont recommend this specific ride.

Review №21

Public place with 50 rupees entry ... No water to drink... Everything is expensive... Even pop corn worth 5 rupees charged 30. Overall the quality is improved and a nice place for children now. Good for family. Surely visit with water bottle.

Review №22

Amazing place in Karachi not this Aladin park but clifton no it is not best

Review №23

This is really a place of amusement, as its name describes. Here we can find amusement for every family member from elder to younger.

Review №24

Security guards asked too many questions they judged us by our clothes because we were wearing shalwar qameez and they thought we are un-educated and they think that all pashtoons are un-educated(DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER)

Review №25

Fun, all ages get to play.Start with cable car, go to back of pack, and play your way to exit, otherwise its very tiring walking back at the end of the day!Enjoy

Review №26

Aladdin Amusement Park is very good place for lower middle and middle class families. The rates of food and non food items are affordable and economical. There are so many swings and ample space for car parking and playground. The kids can play any kind of game. Families usually come with homemade food for enjoyment on weekends. The shopping area is very large and contains two floors. The rates are very less as compared to other markets. Staff from Pavillion End Club have privileges of free riders of almost all rides. They can also enter free of cost with family and friends.

Review №27

There is a restaurant when ever you visit theres a such a beautiful view hope you enjoy the place

Review №28

Good park for families and big rides. I must say that please take your family to this park and enjoy.they are giving 50 on 3 rides this much good than lucky one please come.THANKYOU

Review №29

Fun place for kids and ride-loving adults. Lots of rides available. Currently, the place is sparsely crowded probably due to COVID-19.

Review №30

Great experience...has really improved...

Review №31

Best thing about this place is that its for all, unlike Bahria Town or other places which are only in reach of elite and upper middle class. The only thing I didnt like is Parking lot.

Review №32

Adventurous place, must buy a band to enjoy unlimited rides. Prefer to visit in weekdays since this place is more crowded on weekends.

Review №33

Good place for familys to enjoy and best food shops gift shops and many more must visit

Review №34

Amazing park with excellent rides and food was good too. So much for ladies and kids to shop

Review №35

The best park having amusment for all the ages.Almost every quality for fun is available.Variety for children.Having a food court as well as hotel.

Review №36

In the middle of city with so many exciting in door and out games, very good place for your kids and family.

Review №37

One of the best places of Karachi with variety of Rides specially Chair Lift is must. They offer wrist bands which allows you to use rides without purchasing tickets and you can also use these rides as many times as you want. The only negative point i felt here is their food. I wouldnt say that food is very expensive but the quality of the food is below average. Attitude of the food staff was also not very good. A little humbleness is all some one need. You dont need to be extra polite. Anyway a very good place for Karachities. There is also a huge shopping mall and prices were nominal there.

Review №38

It was an amazing place nd enjoyable go when u have no fear of speed nd heights

Review №39

Newsabzi mundi super hayway karachi

Review №40

Very awesome place for children enjoyment and elder also..peace fully environment

Review №41

Best place families specially for childrenYou can enjoy any ride in cheap prices..

Review №42

It was great fun ...lots of fun in just Rs.300 wrist band..highly recommended

Review №43

Its was fantastic and enjoyqble place for kids and families

Review №44

Its good park and the rates r also cheap. But the issue is their is a traffic... Overall the park is good foe fun day

Review №45

Great place and has improved alot recently. Very exciting rides for adults and kids.

Review №46

Awesome place for place for faimly and childrens so many rides and play areas with very economical charges, also u cand buy wrist band in 300 rupee to which will give u to access all the rides of aladin except 8

Review №47

They need to maintain thr rides more btter and need to add more fun rides. Currently all the rides are old and not maintained well. Can be alot better

Review №48

Amazing place for fun and ridessuper space is also greatgreat place to bring kids, to come with familyan awesome place for enjoyment.

Review №49

Tooooo crowded.....but for shoping toooo reasonable

Review №50

Enjoyed a lot of fun because of Wrist band. Lighting need to improve after Maghrib time.

Review №51

There are good rides but the flying man is fake

Review №52

Its a wonder full Enjoyment place Staff Was very Coprative And Ticket price Very Good.but All Food Outlet And Food Court Too much unhygynic And Poor Quality such A very Bad Experience about all Food Items.

Review №53

Good experience to go there and best rides and security services also available there

Review №54

Dont buy wrist band for kids under 13y/o it will waste your money

Review №55

Nice place there is lots of fun specially childrens.and adult .

Review №56

I love this Place If you want a great shopping experience with low prices then its best place.If you want some gathering and want to have refreshment , its the ideal Place.

Review №57

Nice changing reasonable price.

Review №58

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Review №59

Nice place to visit with family with polite staff and good service

Review №60

For children its best place bkz all age children can enjoy in separate areas of park..with cheap tickets price

Review №61

This place is amazing for family and can do shopping,go on the rides and can have amazing food in food courts

Review №62

Bad Experience, Third class, waste of time with money. Boring Place

Review №63

Best park to visit with family and have a fun..there are also many shops where you can buy kids toys and home apliance at cheap rates then other market.many type of games are there to enjoy .i used vxr virtual reality 3D vedio .it was amazing .when we talk about food so there is a gol gappy so much should need to eat that if you are spicy and crunchy can buy kids school tools at cheap rated with good family park ever in karachi with high security.

Review №64

Its nice , the cleanliness is just satisfactory. Do take extra care of your personal belongings such as mobiles. Parking , cafeteria and washrooms are available

Review №65

Awsome place for family.... full of adventures.

Review №66

I entered but they dont allowed DSLR Camera. I said to them You are allowing smart phone for taking photos, why camera doesnt? They didnt reply. I really disappointed.

Review №67

Third class. Management is too bad. Tea, juices and other eatables are worst. No proper lights installed.

Review №68

Thats is Good place I suggest to people please visit

Review №69

Nice place to have fun, good clean place, rides quality is average, bazar at front also sells cheap priced product of average quality

Review №70

It was an amazing experience spending time at this Amusement Park today. Visted after long but good to see improvements a bit. Was little crowdy as its weekend but had alot of fun, specially loved their band offers. I bought 1 for Rs 300 PKR and enjoyed unlimited rides (Discovery 2 times ) Hell fun it was. Just wondering if local foods taste will have improvement otherwise it deserves 4 and a half stars

Review №71

Very great amusement park for kids. Great place to visit.

Review №72

Always such an awesome crowd & Listeners, Love appreciation.

Review №73

A great amusement park for kids and youth to enjoy on rides

Review №74

Aladdin park is one the biggest play land area for kids in Karachi on Rashid Minhas Road there are lot of shops where people come for affordable shopping experience it is near Sunday Bazar ground

Review №75

Best place for fresh air and enjoy full for families and their Kids

Review №76

Enjoyed allot. Best place for kids all age

Review №77

It is very clean place for families specially for kids, they also follow all SOPs of COVID-19

Review №78

Its a good fun park and has a lot of interesting rides

Review №79

This is the biggest Park in Karachi and so beautiful ...I like this park so much

Review №80

Liked It That Was A Peacfull Place For Families.

Review №81

Really fun rides and a great place to go with friends and food is also available

Review №82

Literally one of the best amusement parks here in Karachi.Whats not to miss here?There are various fun rides for kids and everyone can enjoy riding them plus there are many dining options that will surely satisfy your appetite.I love how the staff and authorities have maintained the park for families and friends and because of that it has reached an international level.It’s a safe and an amazing way to enjoy with your family and friends!

Review №83

Going there since my childhood, never seen that much big amazing park in Karachi Gulshan Town.

Review №84

Its soo beautiful parak

Review №85

Only one amusement park in Karachi...We dont have any option ...I request the management to Please arrange a professional groups for services .Inside food quality and food stalls are patheticNo direction signs ..No proper lighting in night.I rode on octopus , it is two person ride but due to Corona they were allowing only one person.. now during ride rotating force was too high that I was here and there and whole time I was holding it too tight and was in such pain that I cant explain... ... Please dont ride on to high speed rotating rides as there are no proper grips and cushions

Review №86

You can buy things at cheap prize and the amusing park is amazing

Review №87

Awesome place to childs my doll is to happy from this place

Review №88

Good place for kids as well whole family.

Review №89

This family Park is very good i enjoy this place

Review №90

It opens at 4pm I went with my girls had fun the servicing is lovely

Review №91

Alladin Park is a good place for children but it is suitable for children above the age of 14 years.

Review №92

Its really fun but you need a whole day to enjoy it!! Also, bring your own food and water because the food is VERY overpriced. Best to go on a cloudy day or in the evening, and if you do plan to go in the morning, make sure you wear sunblock because it is really hot!!

Review №93

Best place for family and kids fun

Review №94

Aladin Amusement Park has been the main attraction for adults and children alike in Karachi for nearly two decades now. The park was established in 1997 and instantly became a hit with Karachites.But over the past two decades, the park suffered from a mismanagement with people complaining about damaged and unfunctional rides and general problems.Now the iconic amusement park has just revamped itself improving the existing rides and adding a few new attractions to attract the new generation of children and adult.The park management has repaired most of the damage rides and improved them with new looks and lights to make them more lively.At night traffic jam is routine. So dont come at this side

Review №95

Best visit in my life

Review №96

All places very best for all kinds of kids

Review №97

A place where middle class and lower middle class can spend some quality time with their Kids. Some gift shops and garments shops may take your time. On weekends parking is a mess. Place is overall very crowded in weekends.

Review №98

It is not recomended to visit due to covid.Well nice place for amusement.

Review №99

This park for family i dont like this park because he dont give entry to me

Review №100

Very good inwairmint very nice gentry

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  • Address:Rashid Minhas Rd, Block 11 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Site:
  • Phone:+92 321 8755765
  • Amusement park
  • Tourist attraction
Working hours
  • Monday:1–8PM
  • Tuesday:1–8PM
  • Wednesday:1–8PM
  • Thursday:1–8PM
  • Friday:1–8PM
  • Saturday:1–8PM
  • Sunday:1–8PM
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
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