Gurudwara Janam Asthan Nankana Sahib
Buchey Ki, Road, Nankana Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan
Gurudwara Janam Asthan Nankana Sahib

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At Sarovar; The Holiest pool!Gurdwara Janam Asthan referred to birth place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder & first Guru of Sikhism, (15 April 1469 – 22 September 1539) was born in Rāi Bhoi Kī Talvaṇḍī, Present day NankanaSahib, Punjab, Pakistan, approx 75 kilometres from Lahore. Sikhs around the world celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birth on the Pooranmashi (full moon) day in the Lunar month of Katak (October-November).Quote: Even Kings & Emperors with Heaps of Wealth & Vast Dominion cannot compare with an Ant filled with the love of God.Facts1. From an early age, it was evident that Nanak was an extraordinary child, distinguished by his divine grace. Growing up, he refused to take part in traditional religious rituals, & often spoke out against several societal practices.2. He meditated & sang hymns accompanied by Bhai Mardana on the rabab (a stringed instrument). During one of those early mornings while bathing in “Vain Nadi” (a small river), Guru Nanak heard God‘s call to dedicate himself completely to the service of humanity. He then began the next stage of his life, to preach his unique doctrine (Sikhi) to the entire world.3. For the next 30 years, accompanied by Bhai Mardana, Guru Nanak undertook four major spiritual journeys, running across India, South Asia, Tibet & Arabia, covering about 30,000 kilometers.4. In the later years, Guru ji settled down at the township of Kartarpur (creators town), on the banks of river Ravi in Punjab. He donned the robes of a peasant, earning his own honest living by cultivating the lands. Followers came from near and far to listen to the Master.5. He introduced the institution of Langar (free communal kitchen) at Kartarpur, establishing the basic equality of all people regardless of their social and economic status.6. In the year 1539, Guru Ji, after having tested his own two sons & some followers, installed Bhai Lehna ji (Guru Angad Dev Ji) as the Second Nanak, & after a few days passed into Sach khand.7. Guru Nanaks writings, in the form of 974 spiritual hymns comprising the Japji Sahib, Asa di Var, Bara Mah, Sidh Gosht & Dakhni Onkar were incorporated in the scripture Guru Granth Sahib by the fifth Guru Arjan Dev ji.

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Very nice and well kept place and most holy to Sikhism. The place where Baba Guru Nanak was born. Its a pilgrimage place for all the Sikhs of the world

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Place of worship and prayers.A glory of civilised history and nurture of harmony.

Review №4

A holy place for Sikhs. It is maintained very nicely by the Pakistanis authority. So beautiful Gurdwara. A place must be visited.

Review №5

Place of amazing welcoming Sikh brothers, loved it. Very clean and beautiful gurdwara

Review №6

My hometown and this place is amazing the holy place is havin excellent facilties and what history has been saved there for the generations to come

Review №7

Respectable Place for Sikhs.Their Guru, Baba Guru Nanak birth place.

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Gurdwara Janam Asthan is the best place in Nankana Sahab Punjab Pakistan. Its the beautiful and holy place in Nankana Sahab..Respect all religions....

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The best place and ine of the most holy olace for the followers of Sikhism.It is the birth place of Guru Nanak Sahib the Founder of Sikhism. A very historical place to visit. Everything is good there. It was one of my best experience to be there. In love with the place.I found a Muslim over there who also used to serve there especially when at Janam din of Guru SahibOne of Guru Sahib sayingThere is but One God. His name is Truth; He is the Creator. He fears none; he is without hate. He never dies; He is beyond the cycle of births and death. He is self-illuminated. He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning; He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True. He is also True now

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Would love to visit there at least once in a life time.

Review №11

Under high security...good place for tourism...a place o any type of noise...i think this is a good place for visits

Review №12

Brilliant place to visit with friends and family. Sacred and Holy place full of interesting and thoughtful information. Keep respect of place in mind during visit. Amazing view in rainy weather and eve times.

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Gurdwara Janam Asthan (Punjabi and Urdu : گردوارہ جنم آسھن ), also referred to as Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, is a highly revered gurdwara that was built at the site where the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, was believed to be born. The shrine is located in the city of Nankana Sahib, near the city of Lahore in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

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Best place to visit.#janaat

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This is the Gudwara built to commemorate the birth place of the first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak at Nankana Sahib.We visited as part of a Sikh Yatra.There is a sarova here for those who wish to bath before entering the Gudwara. There is a separate area for women and secluded.The water isnt the cleanest and was slippy when I used this so please be careful.This has been refurbished and is beautiful.There is a new langar hall here also.If you found these pictures helpful please like.

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Nankana Sahib (Urdu and Punjabi: ننكانہ صاحِب) is a city and capital of Nankana Sahib District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is named after the first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, who was born in the city and first began preaching here. Today it is a city of high historic and religious value and a popular pilgrimage site for Sikhs from all over the world.The city has a population of approximately 70,000.

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Historical place and owsome peoples of Sikh religion, respectful place.Thank you for Sikh community for owsome informative tour and their hospatiluty.

Review №18

Its so beautiful like heaven (sachkhand)

Review №19

Very sacred worship place for Sikh religion well organised and well managed

Review №20

This Gurudwara is Known as Birthplace of First Sikh Guru Sri Nanak Dev ji.

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Amazing place. Well kept by Govt of Pakistan and Sikh Parbandhak commettee.Khalistan Pakistan Friendship zindabad

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Most holiest and most important Gurdwara of Sikhs in Pakistan

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Nankana Sahibs pilgrimage is a heartiest wish of every Sikh people,Its the Birth Place of First Sikh GuruShri Guru Nanak Dev Ji,By God grace I got a chance to visit this holy place some years ago,

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Gurdwara Janam Asthan also referred to as Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, is a highly revered gurdwara that was built at the site where the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, was believed to be born.The shrine is located in the city of Nankana Sahib, near the city of Lahore in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

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Very beautiful piece of architecture. People there are very loving especially jutts of India

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Gurudwara janam asthan is also known as gurudwara nankana sahib. This is highly revered Gurudwara that was built at the site where the founder of sikhism Bara Guru Nanak was believed to born. The shrine is situated in the city of nankana sahib, near lahore and faisalabad.I was there few days back, that was very different and unique experience for me, I bought kara, that is one of the five kakkars of sikhs.When anybody wants to go inside the shrine, he must cover his head with any thing and clean their feet before entering the shrine.

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Amazing Historical Places related Life of Baba Guru Nanak Sahib. Nankana Sahib is one of the most revered & sacred places for Sikh community who come from around the globe to visit the place and pay their tributes to Baba Nanak G.

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The Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, originally constructed in around 1600 CE was renovated in 1819–20 CE by Gian-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh The Sikh Conference of Panjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Peshawar, Kangra and Hazara.

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Place is well maintained... holy place for #sikh community

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Worship place for sikh community. Basically the birth place of Baba Guru Nanak the founder of Sikh religion.

Review №31

Nice place for visitors. Temple of baba guru nanak sahib

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Religious place of Sikh peoples. Every year thousands of Indians visit for prayers.

Review №33

Best place for Sikh brothers

Review №34

Gudrawa janam ashtan is the holy place of Sikh community .

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To be honest, this place give me mind peace.Bwing Muslim this place always attracted me. I wish I can contribute for my Sikh brothers.

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Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism and the first of 10 gurus of sikhs. His birthday celebrat as Guru Nank Gurpurab on Kartik Pooranmashi the full moon day in the month of Katak Oct or Nov.Guru nank was born on 29 Nov 1469 at Bhoi Ki Talvandi the present name NANKANA SAHIB near Lahore Punjab Pakistan.

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Wao This is a placeA really great place

Review №38

Guru Nanak was the founder of #Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus. His birth is celebrated worldwide as Guru Nanak Gurpurab on Kartik Pooranmashi, the full-moon day in the month of Katak, October–November.#Nankana Sahib is Janam Astan Of Baba Guru Nanak.

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My first trip to Pakistan I visited Nankana Sahib. Very spiritual and holy place for the Sikhs, If visiting please make sure to bring ID/ passport along and come before 4pm.

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Good place to visit in nankana saab. Enjoyed it very well.

Review №41

Its a beautiful place where sikh do prayers

Review №42

Final destination of a sikh yatree, want to live and visit of this holly place is a desire of every peacfull human being

Review №43

Waheguru ji . Am from india but still rspct that place

Review №44

Spiritual palaceHoly site for Sikhs

Review №45

It could even maintain in more better way

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Famous and most honored place in Sikh religion, they came here for annual religious gathering for 15 days from 31st of October and continue till 15th of November, now a days work in progress through out the place because event dates are near. Trough out the world Sikh community came here . This like centeral religious point for Sikh religion.Everyone is welcomed over there .Food and shelter for every one.. nice experience. Beautiful gurudwara with guest rooms but saw lack of Sikh management.

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A place of peace & simplicity that reminds the real worth of Human Being A religious place, 24/7 free food & many facilities, Welcoming people & self-realization spot of the asia

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Humble environment and best place to visit atleast once in a life time

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Most holiest place for Sikhism. The birthplace of Fouder of Sikhism BaBa Ghuru Nanak sahib.

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This place is very precious which belongs to versa of Sikhism. This is peaceful and save place with the high alerts Pakistan police corps with worlds level security system and cameras. I love this place because Sikhism belongs to is islam also when we search in history. Well there is very good hotels right in front of janam asthan.

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Great hospitality and team who are looking after the Gurudwara are doing a splendid job. Toilet facilities could be better but overall good visit. Great upkeeping of important Sikh history also within.

Review №52

Beautiful place to visit. Langar is must

Review №53

Religious neat and clean place .

Review №54

One of the best and old gurdwara in Pakistan.big and best historical place for Sikh people.nice Holly place with enjoy friend , family and other close people.

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Nankana Sahib (Urdu and Punjabi: ننكانہ صاحِب) is a city and capital of Nankana Sahib District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is named after the first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, who was born in the city and first began preaching here. Nankana Sahib is the most important religious site for the Sikh religion.[1][2] It is located about 91 km (57 mi) west of Lahore and about 75 km (47 mi) east of Faisalabad.[3][dubious – discuss] According to the census of 2017 the city has a population of 79,540 inhabitants.[4] Until 2005, it was the part of Sheikhupura District.

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The Holy site for sikh pilgrims, birth place of Guru Nanak, its was a good experience yo visit this place.

Review №57

This is the Worshio Place of Sikh Yatrees Namely as Gudrdawara Janamsthan Nankana Sahib. Gurdawara Of Founder of Sikh Religion Baba Guru Nanik Dev Jee

Review №58

Worship place for sikh community

Review №59

Gurunanak janam asthan a place where gurunanak born its almost 650 years back but still the place is here and so many Sikhs visit daily that place and say there prayers. There are so many words regarding introduction of the places but dont have completed Pix right now. Post later and with details.

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Safe for the Sikhs community

Review №61

Its a very nice place ive ever visit

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Nankana Sahib District (Punjabi and Urdu: ضِلع ننكانہ صاحِب‎) is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Nankana Sahib is the seat of the district government, and Shahkot is the largest urban center. The district of Nankana Sahib is located about 75 kilometres (47 mi) west of Lahore and about 55 kilometres (34 mi) east of Faisalabad. Until 2005, it was part of Sheikhupura District

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The township was founded by Rai Bhoi, a rich landlord Rajput Muslim and thus was known as Rai-Bhoi-Di-Talwandi. His great-grand son Rai Bular Bhatti, renamed it as Nankana Sahib after the birth of Guru Nanak.[citation needed] The Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, originally constructed in around 1600 CE was renovated in 1819–20 CE by Gian-Punjab Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia The Sikh Conference of Panjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Peshawar, Kangra and Hazara.[citation needed]During the Akali movement, on 20 February 1921, Narain Das, the Udasi mahant (clergy) of the gurdwara at Nankana Sahib, ordered his men to fire on Akali protesters, leading to the Nankana massacre. The firing was widely condemned, and an agitation was launched until the control of this historic Janam Asthan Gurdwara was restored to the Sikhs. Again in the 1930s and 40s the Sikhs added more buildings and more architectural design.Migration between India and Pakistan was continuous before independence. By the 1940s Western Punjab was predominantly Muslim and supported the Muslim League and Pakistan Movement. After independence in August 1947, the minority Sikhs and Hindus migrated to India while the Muslim refugees from India settled in the Western Punjab and across Pakistan.Nankana Sahib and it surroundings were formerly a tehsil of Sheikhupura District. In May 2005, the provincial government raised the status of Nankana Sahib to a district[8] as a way of promoting development in the area. The present status is District Nankana Sahib has three tehsils: Nankana Sahib, Shah Kot, and Sangla Hill. Before December 2008, District Nankana Sahib also included Safdarabad Tehsil.There are plans to construct a 100 acres (40 ha) university as well as hospitals and health care facilities by the district government with mutual interest of local communities and family of Rai Bular.In 2007, the Pakistan government announced a plan to set up a university on Sikh religion and culture at Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak. Chairman of Pakistans Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), Gen (R) Zulfikar Ali Khan, said that The international Guru Nanak University planned at Nankana Sahib would have the best architecture, curricula and research centre on Sikh religion and culture,

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A very good condtructed holy place

Review №66

Super friendly people here, birth place of guru Nanak, gurdwara was built during Ranjit singh era. Well kept design, town itself is very busy but peaceful within the gurdwara. Thank you for preserving this master piece

Review №67

Amazing Historical Places related Life of Sufi saint Baba Guru Nanak Sahib more then 550 years ago Baba Guru Nanak sahib born on same place .

Review №68

Birth place of Guru Nanak Sahib at Nankana near Faisalabad. Very religious place for Sikhs. Must be given due respect. Very well organised and maintained.

Review №69

Amazing peaceful place

Review №70

Sacred and holy place for the Sikh Community of Pakistan

Review №71

Excellent place to know about Sikhi

Review №72

This is famous and most honored place in Sikh religion, they came here for annual religious gathering for 15 days from 31st of October and continue till 15th of November, now a days work in progress through out the place because event dates are near. Trough out the world Sikh community came here . Every one has a desire that he or she may have a chance to visit this place .This like centeral religious point for Sikh religion.Every is welcomed over thereFood and shelter for every one.Not only Sikhs , people through out the Pakistan and also from out side of Pakistan visit there .

Review №73

Its birth place of Baba Guru Nanak sb. Its a religious place for Sikh brothers. Sikh community are visiting here from all over the world. We Pakistani welcome them with open ️ because our religion Islaam teaches us to do respect and love all humanity.

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Its a historical and birth place of Baba Guru Nanak.

Review №75

This was a nice place to visit. If you know Guru Naanak you might like this place for its historical significance.

Review №76

The place of Sikh religion

Review №77

I never seen a religious place like thisVery neat and clean. Lovely people around there.

Review №78

Lovely peoples everywhere

Review №79

Gurdwara nanka sab is a birth place of baba guru naanuk.It is situated in nankaana sab near sheikupora on jaranwala road.sikhs from all over the word have to come here to perform the religeous activitis ones on an year.This is a holy place for the sikh community.

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Review №81

Good place, loving people. I love it. ☬

Review №82

This I sthe place where baba gurunanik was born. It is worth visiting is you are interested in historical places. In addition there are number of other gurdwaras in the place

Review №83

Nice historic place

Review №84

Was very nive view there so.nicewas very good police staff there

Review №85

Now, the building color is pure white and its looking more beautiful.

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Review №87

Guruduwara janam asthami is the birth place of guru nanak Shah where guru sahib spend his some part of life there many Sikhs and Hindus worship guru nanak Shah while Muslims of that era were also following guru sahab at that time till today some of those Muslim use to say that we have heard many things from our elders about guru sahab g. That guruduwara is built very beautifully and every year the different people from different cultures use to come there to celebrate birthday of nanak Shah in these people many people use to come from other countries to do worship there in these days. Where the management team of nankana use to manage food for 24 hours health services and security for about 30000 people every years.

Review №88

One of best place to visit for all & specially Sikh brotherhood

Review №89

A good place to visit but dont go there without refrence because sometime they wont allow you to get in there and some of the caretakers are pure a**holes but some are v.good

Review №90

This is the place on earth where Our Great Guru Guru Nanak Dev Sahib took birth to make the place to be Worshipped not only by Sikhs but whole huminity in the World.

Review №91

It is religious place of sikh community and situated at nankana sahibBeautiful place

Review №92

Lovely looking

Review №93

Gurdwara Sri Janam Asthan Is A Historical Place In Nankana Sahab Punjab Pakistan.Many Peoples All Around The Pakistan Or From Outside The Pakistan Come Here To Visit This Place Especially Visitors From India Come To Visit This Place Every Year.This Place Also Attract Sikh Visitors Because For Sikhs This Place Is A Loving Religious Place...

Review №94

It was amazing experience during Gurupurab festival

Review №95

A place of peace our beloved Sikh Brothers... For All Indian and European Countries...

Review №96

U will feel heavenly peaceful if u are going with true heart

Review №97

Beautiful and large place.. Many tourists visit there daily.. And their peoples are friendly

Review №98

Love this place

Review №99

Historic place

Review №100

Gurdwara janam isthan is birth place of guru nanak sahib g, founder of sikh religion, beautiful, well maintained and peaceful place,

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  • Address:Buchey Ki, Road, Nankana Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Gurudwara
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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