Karachi City, Block 11 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan

Review №1

Very nice indoor play area for kids with more fun for 10 years above and a few rides for 3+ kids. Staff attitude and care was average, which needed some counseling and thankfully was not that rushy on a Saturday evening. Worth a visit for kids every few months. Wrist band price is reasonable where one can take all allowed rides and save some money. Card can be loaded for individual ride spending.

Review №2

Super Space was new experience, I really enjoyed with my family, although rides were little expensive but overall nice and secure environment. They have both payment methods, they accept Card as well as Cash. My daughter enjoyed Jumping section. If you are in town must visit once and enjoy the sizzling environment. Its locate behind the Aladin Park Gulshan e Iqbal.

Review №3

All the swings are good but there should be 3 slots for bumping car and why there is no picture allowed at haunted house..And pls enhance the 3d animation too..Rest all the things and environment is good , no doubt

Review №4

Super Space An Indoor Theme ParkThis so nice place for all ages, Laser Maze, Battle Station, Haunted House, Mirror Place, Karaoke, Bouncing, Jumping Space, Chai Space

Review №5

Nice place to visit tho it does not offer much variety of rides but fir kids its reasonably good and seems safe place , their bouncing/trampoline area is fun, and there are 3 more rides as i remember. Recommended for families and there is this chai/snacks area which is very economical and their chai good

Review №6

• Definitely overrated.• Nice ambiance.• Few very exciting games.• Not too many games or rides.• Too much waiting before every game/ride.• Friday and passionate Staff.• Lighting is very bad for casual photos.

Review №7

Its an affordable indoor theme park for children.There are different games for children and some are for adults also... Shortly,a good place where anyone can enjoy with friends or family.

Review №8

Its a amazing place for kids to enjoy. Family environment. Good rides

Review №9

Good fun place for kids. Rates are reasonable if you visit during weekdays between 3pm to 6pm...

Review №10

It is the best indoor theme park in park in Karachi and you should also visit it with your whole family and the price is also reasonable ️️

Review №11

Not worth going with kids aged 6 to 10. Almost all rides are either for ages below or above. Secondly, the staff there does not assist or guide. Looks like they just want to mint money whether kids can go on a ride or not. Third, the music is too loud.

Review №12

A brilliant and amazing indoor theme park for every age group one get enter inside he will feel like he is in another world of joy trained and co operative very well manner staff safe and secure highly recommended

Review №13

It was very good place or bounce is extra ordinary fun when we go with cousion or specially friend it was fun and me rate 10 out of 10 or laster is also much fun

Review №14

If u want to remove sadness depression from ur life go to super space theme park ️

Review №15

My kids like this place a lot. And tea is very nice here outside the super space

Review №16

Nice place for people of Karachi. The kids loved it.

Review №17

Full of fun for teens...

Review №18

Hello i have been roaming around whole day so many reviews on your way ill start with Super space its new inn place in K town situated just beside Aladdin park (inside pavilion end club) visiting hours are from 2pm to 10 am you have to pay Rs 50pkr for entrance) the place is for all ages they have token rides, soft play area and the bounce for kids and laser tag, laser maze , haunted house , room of mirrors , bumping car and train ride for adults. The prices are economical we bought a band which cost Pkr 650 got other band for free means 650 unlimited rides for 2 persons . The small pop corn and ice cream counter was doing very well a must try place.

Review №19

Good entertainment and fun for the kids of all ages. Clean and economical rides with complete safety measures.

Review №20

Loved the ambiance and chai space ️

Review №21

Nice ambient place, new theme and economical if you buy a wrist band for specific rides.

Review №22

Great park, pricey for its cheap games.But well manages

Review №23

Playful n joyable enviroment. Amazing place ️

Review №24

Mind-blowing place for teen agers... incredible game places.. i have enjoyed alot...

Review №25

Good rides, but too dark inside. Ambience is not pleasant.

Review №26

Very nice place, An indoor themed park with theme for Space ships etc.There are some small arcade video games. some small rides for children, a train (slow and boring) , battle station (laser shooting game) , Bounce ( a trampoline thing for jumping and physical activity) and much more.Over all a good place for children and young people. You may purchase a band for unlimited rides or can pay for individual rides. Band is suitable if you are planning for longer stay as it will save time.Best time to go is in the afternoon when its not crowded so you dont have to wait long for your rides.PS: the park is inside the pavilion end club and almost 1 kms from main road.

Review №27

Best For Kids, Lot Of Rides, Everything Is Good

Review №28

Best place for kids and adults too

Review №29

The best place to enjoy its worth it i will come again and agin

Review №30

Good place for family enjoyment

Review №31

This is place is awesomeI just want to ask that imtiaz validity keychain is still valid or not ?

Review №32

Best place to see in karachi I enjoyed alot.

Review №33

It was amazing place I love all the games rides and yes haunted house the illusion was great hell enjoying,

Review №34

Just loved this place. Its a very interesting hangout place for teenagers and even adults. Lots of physical/interactive games engaging multiple players. Prices are affordable, and if you purchase a band (500 Rs.) You can enjoy unlimited rides.A must visit place with family. Some rides are specifically for kids so its an all-in package for all family.Simply loved it !!!Hats off to the owners (only request is that please dont increase ticket prices:)

Review №35

My experience there was really good. There are many rides according to different age groups. The battlefield, laser tag, haunted house, bounce and spiral jet was the best among all. The place have a space theme which make it more unique. I highly recommend this place to everyone!!

Review №36

A suitable and reasonable enjoyment of indoor games with variety. The best thing is the neon light effects which give it a very unique and cool look.

Review №37

Very good place for entertainment. Wrist band of 550 is really economical. You can have VR game, laser maze, bounce area, arcade games and much more. Highly Recommended

Review №38

Good place for family and friends.Well maintained rides & Pocket friendly pricing (with band).In most of the amusement places of Karachi, staff behave rudely with visitors but here staff was well trained, polite & cooperative.

Review №39

Good place for kids playing game

Review №40

Full of fun for all ages

Review №41

Good family time in winter

Review №42

Nice place and affordable price rides

Review №43

Excellent place for Childers and elders

Review №44

It was amazing, I loved every bit of my time there. Perfect place to have some fun with friends specially, a wrist bands could be bought for 550 and 650 on weekdays and weekends respectively, which include almost all of the adventurous games and activities excluding arcade games only

Review №45

Interesting place for kids multiple things to enjoy including train and hounded house.

Review №46

Nice place from aladin park

Review №47

An adventurous place to visit with kids and friends. Having all new things including jumping, sanner maze, dodgem car, ghost banglow, and much more.The most cool thing is mirror bhool bulaiyya which is so confusing and exciting. The dark theme with colorful lights i really like it. The entrance oh my God , i m obsessed with it..Very fun place.

Review №48

A good place for enjoyment with friends! Paisa wasool place!! Good environment.

Review №49

Its a very good place to make their evening good with your loved ones. There are various games to enjoy including : dodging car, monorail ride, haunted house, avoiding the laser game, VR games, and the most special bouncing and many more...

Review №50

A very Fun place to enjoy with friends and family... Selected but exciting games and fun area..

Review №51

A good and relaxing place

Review №52

Nice indoor theme park for kids. Lighting is bit dim for vdo recording and capture pictures.

Review №53

Its good place for teenagers.

Review №54

Super Cheap & Amazing place to hangout for kids above 4-5 years.. super cheap as compared to Onderland at LuckyOne Mall. For example, usually bounce costs above 300 rupees for 25 minutes or so but here you can get ALL of the rides for 350rs for unlimited attempts! (This cost doesnt include arcade).. Very friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere.

Review №55

A must visit place in karachi with family or friends....Bounce,Lazer Maze, and the Battle Station are the main attractions...

Review №56

Good place for kids outdoor activities

Review №57

A good Place for Family ... Bumber Car, Bounce,Haunted House and lazer Maze are Worthy ..Prefer to buy Wristband instead card..Nice for first visit..

Review №58

Nice place for kids and adults both

Review №59

Amazing fun place for kids

Review №60

Amazing place to enjoy with your friends.In this place you can feel your childhood once again.If you purchase wrist band all the games will b free... only arcade game is not included in wrist band and you can play dodging car game 2 times only... the other are unlimited

Review №61

Best place loved it

Review №62

My third trip of super space. I enjoy too much.

Review №63

Its quite an enjoyable place for a family at an affordable fee . Theres no need of any membership card which saves them from useless expense of money. The rides are incredible especially for the kids. Similarly , for the teenagers and adults ,the bouncing trampoline is the most enjoyable one as well as haunted house and laser maze. It really have a peaceful environment for a family. They really can spend their time in the most joyful way possible.

Review №64

Super space is just awesome indoor theme park I have never seen that type of enjoyable indoor park mainly indoor theme parks are made only for kids where they can have cars different rides which runs on inserting token into them but in super space every people of any age can enjoy there are many rides.There is haunted house which is not too much scarry but after haunted house you will be enter into mirror maze which is so different I have seen first time in real life you will have to find right route through out the mirror maze you will realize that here is the route but it will not be there it will be mirror and you will be thakaaa on mirror.Then there is dodging cars, 3d, lazer gun shot game which is very interesting and ap ke paseene is me nikal jaenge it is 15 minute game, then there is lazer maze, train ride, jumping area and many more when you will go first time you will definitely enjoy go with friends for more fun and buy wrist band to avail all rides in free unlimited times except dodging car which you can have only 2 times.

Review №65

Parking available, No camera allowed, 50% on bogo, not too much crowded, decent environment, in short pesa wasool!

Review №66

Its Superb

Review №67

Very small space. Easily get crowded specially on holidays. Not worth for under 10 kids and not much for kids over 6 and under 10. Overall pretty average experience.

Review №68

Nice place to visit with kids.

Review №69

Good place for kids great idea great effort

Review №70

A wonderful tafreeh in a nominal price. For an entrance fee of Rs. 50, and a wrist band of Rs.700, you get various amounts of games for free including: Dodging car, Monorail ride, Haunted House, Avoiding the laser game, VR, Bounce, Laser counter strike, and few rides! Advise: Use Bank Alfalah debit/credit card for discounts

Review №71

A good theme park

Review №72

It was really very enjoyable

Review №73

A nice little indoor amusement park.Although the rides and all other amusements like VR, maze, and battle station doesnt last for enough time.If you intend to take more rides, it is recommended to purchase their wrist band.

Review №74

Best Place To Visit. Super Space Karachi, Where Fun Begin.

Review №75

I like it.. its nice place to visit with kids. There are lot of playing stuff just pay once and play lot of activities multiple times. Kids really enjoy visiting this place. It has neat and clean environment.

Review №76

Good entertaining place both for elders n kids

Review №77

Best..but only and only for youth ..mother father aunty uncle dada Nani etc plz dont go, they dont have any resting place/bench/drinking water inside. And plz order your food at outside food area of superspace before u enter as that area will close at 11pm and take long time to cook, and after 11 they will not give you a glass of water while u were paying 500 for it but they will not give u anything and off all the lights at 11.30 if u are waiting for careem/Uber alone with your family outside.

Review №78

I really enjoyed bouncing with my team. Also mini rides were good

Review №79

Perfect for indoor gamings and best laser tag

Review №80

Amazing place. Haunted house is the best. They have good quality rides .

Review №81

Best Indoor Theme park ever....Really had a blast experience there, full of fun well developed clean and well managed place good for family and friends....

Review №82

Undeniably the best place for young at heart. Vibrant and ultra fun. Best physical activity. This is kind place where the whole family can enjoy at the same time. From jumping trampoline to laser tagging arena all under one roof

Review №83

A fun place

Review №84

You will enjoy allot when you come with your friends and family, there are interesting and amazing games like Battle station etc. One thing is disappointing is just that you cannot enjoy when there would even a little bit crowd as the place does not have a little area and in the result you have to stand in a long line waiting for your turn and this kills a allot of your time which will annoy you.

Review №85

Super space is good

Review №86

Good place for family and friends. Well maintained rides, Pocket friendly pricing, verity of rides options.

Review №87

My daughter favourite place to hang out. She loves baby rides there

Review №88

A new addition in town ......Best place for teenagers but for little ones they should add few more rides and games . overall experience was good .

Review №89

I LOVED IT TOTALLY! usually places like these dont entertain teensafers rather they prefer kids. So it was AMAZING to find out this place with all the games and activities i have wanted to do so far and under one roof and so reasonable as well. MUST VISIT HONESTLY GUIS U WILL LOVE IT

Review №90

Awesome Place...

Review №91

Its good indoor place and worth if you purchase a band.

Review №92

Good place for kids 3 to 6 and 6 to teen age. Full of fun

Review №93

Fun place for kids ...

Review №94

It was ok. Personally I was not impressed with the environment since the lights were so dim there that keeping an eye on kids seemed challenging. Overall it is a good place to visit once in a while but hygiene factor needs to be focused on!

Review №95

As compare wonderland lucky one its very good and economical

Review №96

Expensive yet nothing great for adults

Review №97

Exciting and Fun place for kids

Review №98


Review №99

Nice place good for children. Need to little bit concentrate more on teenagers activities

Review №100

Just loved this place with family.. Perfect

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  • Address:Karachi City, Block 11 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Site:
  • Phone:+92 21 111 111 734
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  • Monday:3PM–12AM
  • Tuesday:2PM–12AM
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  • Friday:2PM–12AM
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  • Sunday:2PM–12AM
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