Safari Park
University Rd, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
Safari Park

Review №1

Its a great place for kids and families but park has not been managed properly. Lack of cleanliness. Animals and birds are not in good conditions. Kids playing areas a little bit good condition but overall lack of management.

Review №2

Best park in Karachi city,huge and big lake ,animals and all sort of toys and much more

Review №3

My experience was not good at all if you are going to enjoy here then not go and decide some other points to enjoy with your family it looks like dating place for local panters and no one care about it .

Review №4

Good experience but can be better maintained. Also, it is a family park, you should prevent unmarried couples visiting the park. Thank you

Review №5

This is a historic Park established in 1970. It is a huge spacious park having tracks from field to mountains. Good and safe for walking. Morning entry is free upto 8-00 am. Wonderful place for children of all ages. People seem exercising in the morning with some experts helping others. The place has lost old glory due to negligence on part of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. New construction is underway on front portion. Still a good place to spare time due to natural beauty and atmosphere amid greenery and scenic beauty.

Review №6

Safari park is one of the attractions of Karachi city, although its not well maintained but still there are decent animals there. The bus safari tour is also good entertainment for kids. Buses are in worst condition but still running. There is duck pond also with good numbers of ducks. The pond again is not maintained. There is a joy land which is in good condition. The rides are also decent. Max ride is for 50rs . Overall its a low cost entertainment for kids . Its a mix of lower and middle class gentry.

Review №7

It was not that good now, no cleanliness, no animals for children to watch, and up hill is still not restored by safari park management that gives the view of safari area as well as park side.And by having all the above cited issues they have also increased the tickets which was RS.20/- and now RS.50/- and even for bathroom you have to pay RS.10/- extra with no cleanliness in the bathroom specially when you visit with families .Its better to go PAF Museum or PNS Museum at least they take the same ticket charges but provide much better facilities then them.

Review №8

Safari park is the most underrated physical entertainment center of Karachi.Since the very childhood this has provided us with a great source for morning tracks, close to dense residential blocks of Gulshan and Johar.It is not well maintained though, but still time and again, the authorities upgrade its status to keep a certain standard.A must visit area of Karachi specially on cozy mornings, a walk at safari park Karachi provides you a lavish up country like experience which is hard to find anywhere else in Karachi

Review №9

Ambiance 9/10Prices 9/10Fun and recreation 10/10Seating space 8/10Restrictions 6/10

Review №10

I loved there but government action required less animal to see

Review №11

One the best recreational places in the city of Karachi. Lacks the maintenance but still it gives a pleasant natural environment in the otherwise mechanical city.

Review №12

Free car parking & entry from 6-8 am.Well maintained, healthy environment.Zoo, playground, park and various healthy activities for children. Families must visit.

Review №13

Beautiful nice and good place to visit. I visited multiple times and everytime I visit i enjoyed.

Review №14

Utter negligence from government has ruined this gem. It was turned into a beautiful place to go a few years ago with the safari rides and wild animals living in open spaces but now structures are rotting and chair lifts hanging from the sky like they are going to drop down any moment. Its extremely sad to see such an amazing family park turned into garbage just because of corruption.

Review №15

Most recreational amusement facility in mid of city for adults and also for kidsJINNAY SAFARI NAI WEKHIYA O KARACHI NAI AYA

Review №16

It was a really gud day,had a great experience in this Park but some flowers wali makes fun all the time

Review №17

We were use to go there in our childhood. Was a good big and wide park at that Time . Now when I have gone there many of the park area were closed . We were not allowed to go on hills. Too disappointment.But anyways. People should visit there . We can expect some betterment in future.

Review №18

Biggest park in pakistan. Very good place for morning walk , jogging and alot more

Review №19

A place with hill, fun activities, swings and most importantly a big peaceful green place to walk.

Review №20

Whrost place dont go waste of time

Review №21

Good for Early Morning walk and exercises with great views and greenery, Its okay in terms of maintainance, Better than most parks in Karachi though.

Review №22

Nice place for family picnic at a very economical budget, however, its usually very crowded with mix genre of people, therefore, for families it is advised to visit in working day as rush is low and stay alert and keep watch of children at every time.

Review №23

A Good Place to Visit with average arrangements, could be make more better

Review №24

Beautiful place for enjoyment and entertainment with family

Review №25

My kids love the place very much ,it has parks n rides both with a little hill to mount on.

Review №26

A nice family park.A best place to spend some time with your life partner.. It resembles to Ayoub Park of Rawalpindi

Review №27

Such Big Space Totally Wasted Could have been one of the Toppest Parks if Maintained

Review №28

Very nice place if maintained properly

Review №29

I know it do not deserve 5 star but I gave it 5 stars since it is our park and bcz we have left to go there it is not earning hence this beautiful asset of city is in very critical condition and requires public attention for rehabilitation.

Review №30

A dusty place, full of dirt and filth. Nothing worth seeing except daters under every shade available. Poor maintenance of plants and the park overall. No existence of wildlife and the chairlifts shown in pictures. Though the ticket costs Rs. 50 only but I wont recommend to visit it free of charge even. Just shame on the Karachi administration for ignoring such tourist places turning them into an abode of dust. Not recommended at all!

Review №31

Nice & serene place for children to visit with animals, hill and duck ponds

Review №32

Safari park formed in 1970s is located at university road Karachi. Its a green space with natural features like hills and ponds , situated within the urban environment. the common notion people have about it is that it is abandoned and a place only used by couples who come here for privacy but it is totally opposite as our group visits there at 2017 , every thing is well maintained clean except the Go aish adventure park which is closed now and with few animals in the main safari park but even today still the safari bus service run there. the hilltop garden, triangle park, duck pond, zoo and palm tree garden are the main attractions there is also a play land area with both indoor and outdoor rides facility for children. There is a go cart ride area too. overall the park is upto mark as in sense of finding piece of mind and inclose with nature within urban environment. the best timing for visit is after 3pm , there are canteens and food stalls. the best is the hilltop garden with view of surrounding lowrise appartments , main safari park and the waterfall park and beautiful landscape.

Review №33

Good place to visit for families with kids. This please needs to be redeveloped.

Review №34

Safari park is one biggest Park in Karachi it has animal forest people can go by bus in that forest see this amazing place

Review №35

Very good place but rides not active today

Review №36

Quite a big park. Condition of buses which take u to zoo is pathetic. Food court below average, very few animals in zoo.

Review №37

I were listen from others that the Safari is well and enjoyable. But there was nothing and whole ground full from couples and never go there

Review №38

Its real entertainment park for the families.

Review №39

A good place for date, specially for morning couples.....

Review №40

Great Place to swim, all equipments available. Fishing, climbing and Duck hunting opportunity.

Review №41

For jogging tracking and hiking this place is okay for children seem to wild life place much good

Review №42

Beautiful park where you can find different small animals and birds like rabbits, turtles, crocodile, black swan, pelicans, etc. Good for a morning jog. Kids rides and safari trip also available after 4pm. Do give a visit!

Review №43

Needs maintenance. A good place for jogging

Review №44

Its a nice and really huge park. Cool hilly areas. Needs a little more maintenance, but overall visiting there was a decent experience. We went there on a Sunday at 8AM. We were pretty much the only family there at the time. Had hundreds of acres of park all to ourselves.Later in the day the amusement park, which is inside the Safari park, also opens and is the best attraction for kids.There is a safari bus also that takes you on an animal Safari, stopping at places to show you wild animals.Visit the park, youll enjoy it.

Review №45

A best Safari where you can visit with your family for fun with knowledge and see the nature.

Review №46

A nice Park in Gulshan. They have improved the cleanliness and overall facilities within the park.They have a bus service that takes you around a trail where numerous types of deer are kept. There are a few elephants too.

Review №47

Want to go for a Morning walk.. Go to Safari Park. No entry fee in the morning, can park your car in the parking area for Go Aish Park.A very long track, with quite a few people jogging around.Then there is the hill side where you can go, going up there requires a significant effort, but it is worth it.However, authorities concerned should also look in to the cleanliness of this Park, which is not up to mark.This review is specific to Morning time only

Review №48

Renovation & maintenance is required all over. To attract more people, Mgt must bring more animals. Most importantly please clean all pools.

Review №49

Good place and healthy environment.

Review №50

Not an ideal place to visit, but a good one for lower middle class families, economical entry fees, then a few animals / birds & amusement for children.

Review №51

Safari park is a zoo but they have very limited numbers of animals. No wild animals.They only have birds , tortoise, crocodiles swans and ducks. The place is less crowded due to lack of variety of animals. The pond stinks so bad. No proper cleaning and maintenance.

Review №52

Not good that much but nice environment

Review №53

Worst place to visit. Waste of money

Review №54

Beautiful park and zoo

Review №55

Good place for children recreation, but standard need to be more improved. The place is not maintained properly but still kids may enjoyed with available electronic rides

Review №56

No doubt its a beautiful park in Karachi lies on the hills, a huge sculpture of elephant is beautiful signature of safari park from so many years it has greenery, Beautiful lake, ducks, peacocks, swans, zebras, lambs, monkeys and other animals, it also have fun area named go ash with paint ball game, hanging ride over the lake and lift chairs, jeeps ride but unfortunately some people through garbage in the park which spoil the natural beauty, such kinds of parks should be maintained and more developed in metropolitan city like Karachi for freshness of air and clean environment where people come to get fresh and free of anxiety of pollution and this can also be a way of preservation of nature and endangered species in short protection of our own habitate, its a very sensitive issue must be considered seriously by everyone specialy environmental protection and wild life protection agencies.

Review №57

Well maintain. Good place. To visit with family. Management. Is. Not so. Strong. And manage place. Is so good. To enjoy. Recommended must. Visit

Review №58

Excellent place to be for families.Opening time is 8 AM. Closing time is 10 PM approx. Bus ride takes you to see animals. Ticket: Rs.30.Train ride takes you to entertainment area. Ticket Rs.30.Entrance is Rs.30/person.My kids really enjoyed the place. And its huge.

Review №59

Its a very good place to visit with family

Review №60

I love this Park !!! Its a very memorable place for me. Ive been coming here since I was 4. There are a lot of new rides here now, the place is quite well-maintained. The rides are good and affordable. Its a great place for family picnics or just for a weekly outing with kids. Its great for walks too. There are paths all over and if youre a fan of cricket, you can enjoy that too.

Review №61

The grate park of karachi very big area for picnic children playground food and drinks and much more entertaintment

Review №62

There were quite few animals. However, park was nice..

Review №63

Asif Village Vlog

Review №64

The beautiful park of Pakistan

Review №65

Good family outing place

Review №66

Great Adventure Park in Karachi for Families and Children.Safari park has a Bus Tour.Animals are less in number but they are healthy maintained.

Review №67

Very very nice and romantic place to go in early morning with breakfast

Review №68

So much disappointed as a visitor from Islamabad i imagine it could be a great park but it is a disaster

Review №69

Nice place. Family park and also there were some adventures for young kids.

Review №70

50 years old park entertaining people of Karachi and ofcourse Pakistan

Review №71

Good Place but for familes it is good to go to n evening. There is rides available for kids although I do not like haunted house.

Review №72

Neat n clean environment,No panicBut canteen food is not good

Review №73

Safari Park used to be a very good park for families. Now totally ruined, lots of filth and garbage.

Review №74

It once used to be a cheering amazing park with different animals and attractions but now all the attractions have been uprooted,not all the attractions but most of them. Its zoo once had lions monkeys 6-7 crocodiles and many others but now much of them are dead due to lack of feeding and living necessities.the chairlift which once hovered above the zoo has now only its rusty broken and damaged cable left.People have moved their interest from this declined park to the newly amusement parks with multiple attractions.Safari Park still has an area with big amusing rides but the charm of Safari Park is now finished...

Review №75

Very huge park but poorly maintained. I am going there for the last 34 years but day by day it is deteriorating.

Review №76

Very nice place for family... They take you on a ride on the bus, where you can see different animals.. Mostly these are deer cows and herbivores. The Elephant is the main attraction.They should increase the trip length and should also have tigers and lions.There is also a motor track. Its a good track reasonable length and price.

Review №77

A good place but boring. You wont find real thrill and chill here. But anyways, 4 stars are given.

Review №78

A very nice place and close to nature

Review №79

Need more maintenance. Although the place is opened since morning but facilities inside like the safari visit and rides only start in the evening that makes no sense. Should start on same timings so that everyone who visit can avail all facilities. Place is peaceful. You can enjoy and sit in parks/benches!

Review №80

I think safari park one of the best park in karachi and i think its good then karachi zoo also cleen and enjoyable place for visitors

Review №81

It was amazing I love safari park

Review №82

Really love the place like full of adventure

Review №83

Safari park parking pictures

Review №84

A good place for morning walk

Review №85

Reviews were right about it that it is more like dating place. Only few animals present. Govt attention required here. Recommend for 30 minutes visit with small kids only.

Review №86

Wish they had maintained a little bit

Review №87

Its too beautiful around there.

Review №88

After the last rain looks greener

Review №89

This place is great to take your kids for outing in fresh air. It is affordable and cheap.

Review №90

Peaceful place for walk and fun place for kids

Review №91

I have been visiting Safari park since 1992. I feel that there is not much changes done since than. Very popular destination in holidays like Eid. There is big opportunities to enhance this park. In 2006 some major overhaul done here by making some adventure activities here but now those addition also over. Buses available for short safari trip is in bad condition though ticket charges is minimal for this trip i.e. Rs. 30 per head only. Cleanness in the park is satisfactory. Car park fees should be less, currently it is Rs. 50 per car. The lake is not clean and had very less water. Rides are somewhat okay for kids and young. I wish someone will own this park and make this attractive for people.

Review №92

Amazing ExperienceIt was beyond my expectation. there are no words to justify my experience over there, i went there with my family my mother siblings and their kids, we enjoyed a lot the environment and the way staff is treating visitors is just marvelous., my niece and nephews enjoyed a lot at the fun area and safari, while my mother enjoyed the view of newly added Kashmir Point it is as beautiful as Kashmir. The 200 ft. high water fall is creating really beautiful effect on the lake where it is falling the ducks, swans and pelican were adding more beauty to it. We took home cooked food, beverage disposable bottles chips and other items, the GOOD PART is no one stopped us to take things inside but ask us to maintain cleanliness inside. I really thank every single person who played their part in maintain all this at very low rate. It is also affordable for my driver to take his family over there and enjoy a day at KARACHI SAFARI PARK.

Review №93

Great park in Karachi but noAnimals

Review №94

Its a great fun place. We had so much fun with kids. But i suggest government should pay attaintion on cleanliness and other things.

Review №95

I have a lot of reasons thats y I like it because they are very responsible and experienced

Review №96

Good space for family outing

Review №97

Superb place for families to enjoy natural environment

Review №98

A place where you can visit with your family. It was a wonderful experience here you have canteens and all the fun you were looking for. A perfect place so far.

Review №99

Great place to enjoy with family

Review №100

Karachi Safari Park (کراچی سفاری پارک‎), opened in 1970, is a public funded family-only safari park covering an area of 148 acres (0.60 km2), located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It has a zoo, geared with viewing facilities like a chairlift and safari tracks, as well as two natural lakes. A privately funded amusement park, Go Aish, is located in the Safari Parks vicinity.Karachi Safari Park was inaugurated in 1970 by Lieutenant General Atiq-ur-Rehman. It was an independent project of the then Karachi Municipal Corporation. The creation of an independent zoo, safari and aquarium department followed in 1995. Karachi Safari Park is now an independent wing of the Community Development Department of City District Government of Karachi and has been designated as a family park.Swan lake: A natural lake is located inside the safari park featuring a pagoda style sitting place.Chairlift: The 10 minutes long chairlift ride was set up at a cost of US$ 2 million and was inaugurated by the Karachi City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal on March 8, 2006.Go Aish: A private theme park featuring ropes course, paintball, quad biking, indoor climbing and a mini golf course.Elephant enclave: An enclave of about 65,000 square including a bathing space and resting area for the elephants has been constructed in the park for the joy of visitors and the elephants.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:University Rd, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Tourist attraction
  • Wildlife and safari park
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–8PM
  • Thursday:6AM–8PM
  • Friday:6AM–8PM
  • Saturday:6AM–8PM
  • Sunday:6AM–8PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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