Askari Amusement Park
Old Sabzi Mandi Main یونیورسٹی روڈ Near Central Jail, Karachi, 75300, Pakistan

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I visited with my love. Its really nice place for couple and Family..I love it. ️️️

Review №2

Good place for entertainment for families and kids. Environment is good and the place is quite spacious. Variety of rides are available at reasonable prices. You get the Karachi Eye ride for free once you buy the ticket. The hustle and bustle starts after evening, so better go after evening and have fun.

Review №3

Its amusement park for both adults and kids. Its good. Sanitation and fares are satisfactory.

Review №4

Very good Amusement park families must go big and affordable.

Review №5

Great enjoyment for children.. and good environment for families. Good atmosphere and open space.. great in winters..

Review №6

Great place to visit with your friends and family there is a lot of adventures rides you can enjoy.

Review №7

Reopen again after long time.The rides are good, overall it is fun and good place but they should keep it as for families only as their were many single boys/mens were in surroundings which i did not liked it at all.

Review №8

One of great park ever Very enjoyable soulmate place

Review №9

Rides are very much expensive reasonable entry fees RS.60 discount available for armed forces.Food is good and tasty.Rides are expensive they should have wristband system to attract people.Maintenance is required for some rides.

Review №10

Rides are safe as for the kids only, only three rides for young people whereas the 12D thriller was very poor with no 3d Glases.

Review №11

Askari Islands of Fun is all about unbounded amusements, unlimited fun and forever lasting treasure of memories.Along with providing a fun, our aim is to spread smiles and encourage you to spend quality time with your friends and family, for which we provide a wonderful platform.Marvelous fun site for specially young kids. !!

Review №12

This is on of the biggest amusement parks inside the Karachi. Right after its opening, an accident took place and due to that it was totally out of visitors. The management has redesigned and tried to grab the audience. Now some families have started visiting there. Overall its a good and economical amusement park for the families and specially children. Good number of rides for all ages. The best thing, it has a huge parking inside and charges are now reasonable.

Review №13

The view from the ferris wheel was everything. My recommendation to anyone going for the thrill rides is to get the band and not pay for each ride individually because it is very uneconomical.

Review №14

Nice and cheapWell for families who cant afford highest

Review №15

It was the greatest fun and amusement.

Review №16

Good place for yung and old person.

Review №17

Thrilling rides for adults and children. VR rides are also amazing.

Review №18

Very pathetic place. Everything is charged for nothing... Rs.100 per car, then entrance at Rs.60 per head. No proper parking facility in terms of entry and exits. Rides are expensive as well than their worth. All rides are locally fabricated without any proper safety so risk is there, management has to understand this. Workmanship is also very feeble. Not properly maintained. Very frequent and effective maintenance will be needed without any negligence. Neon at some spots are partly illuminating. Overall very bad experience. Will never go again.

Review №19

Rides are good and unique but ticket prices are too high so the management should think about that. There is no proper management found at entrance and the whole place was crowded, not a good spot for family gatherings especially in weekend ...

Review №20

Clean as compared to Aladdin Park.Big area for parking.Less rushy

Review №21

Excellent. Néed to improve timing and amusement.

Review №22

Great Amusement Park for Families.Children and Adults can have picnic party.Racing Car rides are excellent for Children.

Review №23

I just visited once and got hell of exeprience. One of the staff was screaming over childrens. Pool inside was so dirties and its all disclosed about the standard of swings now !!! and how can these all issue be when their price are highest in the city !!!!!Even look at the parking charges and entry charges. It should be banned and all swings must be removed.

Review №24

This is only the one of its kind in Karachi. Must visit place. Thrilling exciting rides that will challenge your senses! And of course the best ride that is the ultimate test of yourself is the Storm Chaser, a 360 degree rotating ride that is around 50 feet high!!!!It also has very pleasant rides for kids and an indoor play area as well comprising of video games, virtual reality, etc.The food court is amazing and is situated at three sides of the park. For now, it dont have much outlets but new outlets are opening at a very fast pace. The space is huge and its a best place to sit and regain your energies after those challenging rides.

Review №25

Good park but food is so cheap and expensive and non fresh food and rides is very best I only enjoy rides and battle station .

Review №26

One of the good, neat and clean park of karachi. Verity of swings for kids some of them are close but overall an attractive theme park for yound kids. Entry fee also reasonable. Overall very well maintained park, bike parking fee bit high need to reduce parking fee. Food not allowed from outside.

Review №27

Its an amzing olace for kids

Review №28

Very nice palce for islamic events

Review №29

A good spot to bring younger kids. I wouldnt recommend the roller coaster though, it was way too rough and gave us neck injuries. The giant wheel was good and so was the sling shot. Hope they maintain the rides well and fix the roller coaster.

Review №30

Not the best of experiences. Quite expensive yet not so adventurous rides. One can still feel the fear and trauma of the swing accident.

Review №31

Good time pass place.

Review №32

Lovely place with cheap price

Review №33

Its now not a family park.. All are allowed, which is not good at all.

Review №34

Excellent play area for kids

Review №35

Love it its quite cheap and there is alot of fantastic is not so good but love the place

Review №36

Family Park, Multiple Swing for childrens, little bit expensive specially entry pass.

Review №37

Normal place, roller coaster not good as thought, due to head loose can cause injury.

Review №38

Askari park is very beautifull place for family

Review №39

Excellent experience to be in askari park with new virity of swing,which cant be seen anyother park in KARACHI

Review №40

Reasonable place with lots of rides and food.

Review №41

Very amusement place for childrens specially

Review №42

This one is a good place to visit. Environment is clean.

Review №43

Awesome experience overall good family environment, but i think the swings were little expensive

Review №44

It is a very fun place to come with family and have fun.!!!

Review №45

Amazing place.. really enjoyed the rides

Review №46

Good for kids

Review №47

It was a great experience, hope itll open soon

Review №48

Good place food quality is super service was good best time on weekend is between 08pm to 9 pm otherwise waiting time will face

Review №49

Its a very beautifully built, highly maintained amusement park, situated right in the heart of our beloved city of lights Karachi. Right after the inauguration of this park, an incident took place in which unfortunately people lost their lives as well. That is another reason why people lost their trust and interest in the poor park so its usually not very crowded. I happened to visit it and found it pretty impressive. A wrist band saved me from buying tickets and I had my fun. Id say eveything deserves a second chance so please give it a visit.

Review №50

Awesome place very enjoying full park

Review №51

Great place in very economical price if u buy wrist band

Review №52

Good For Familys

Review №53

Environment is good, but playland is a bit expensive

Review №54

Best park for family

Review №55

An amusement park in the city.. very famous among children.. but park administration should also take attention towards the saftey measure of the park.. because innocent children visit their and we must ensure safety of these children.. overall environment is very good.. a must visit place .. located near sabzi mandi and faizan e madina international center..

Review №56

Waao awesome parkFor children and families

Review №57

Nice place

Review №58

Good for entertainment and your kids

Review №59

My daughter enjoys a lot here

Review №60

Its very Bored place

Review №61

The place of enjoyment and famely park at all.

Review №62

Best for kids entertainment

Review №63

Near Faizan e Madina karachi it is very beautiful family park

Review №64

Good place but not properly managed

Review №65

This park offers a number of rides: Roller-Coaster, Wind-Fire Wheel, Pendulum, Free-Fall Tower, Flying Chair, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel Car, Pirate Ship, Energy Storm, Caterpillar Train, Luxury Carousel, Self-Control Honeybee, Self Control Plane, Wheel Dance, Mini Roller coaster, Shark Island War, Jumping Machine, Motor Racing Car, Frog Jump and Happy Swing.It seems to be an ideal place to unwind for children and adults alike but a little bit costly.

Review №66

After ride accident it losses goodwill

Review №67

Very big park but recently involved in an accident related to ride which fall and killed one kid

Review №68

Had to much fun :)

Review №69

Its really a good park, every thing is perfect, entry fees under 100 rupees, food area providing great food in a nominal price, i am not fond of swings, jhoola , so i am not recommending to use their swing as 1 bad incident in which 1 girl died is already happened in this park few years agao. otherwise great place to visit.

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Review №71

Its a park thats why

Review №72

For the fun Askari is fantastic

Review №73

It had some thrilling rides. And nice food. A good place to hang out with friends and family. I loved roller coaster and wheel ride. Unfortunately, my friend threw up after riding roller coaster, which turned it to not as useful as we planned.

Review №74

Amazing Park️

Review №75

Its an amusement Park

Review №76

It is good but I havent visited the spot since the day its got renovated.

Review №77

Very nice amusement park for kids and adults as well. Rides are full of fun and thrill.

Review №78

Missmanagement, low quality rides zero quality check.Had accident and one 8year old baby lost her life

Review №79

Nice amusement park, you wanna try something daring in life then is park awaits you. Youre gonna enjoy in 3rd standard rides knowing youll die any second. I once told waqar zaka that I have taken rides in askari amusement park and I got selected for his show.!!

Review №80

Its a good place for kids

Review №81

Adequate parking. Greener than any other amusement park. Nice rides. Good eateries. Ferris wheel is great to eye Karachi.

Review №82

Its just ok. Lot of improvement is required. They charge 50 rupees parking and then 60 rupees entry for each person and then per ride price is different which is a bit high as compared to class of ride and time duration. No space or facility available to offer NAMAZ. This is really shameful. Cleanliness of washrooms need to be improved. There must be at least one attendant with every ride available. More improvement is required.

Review №83

Lots of fun Karachi citizens come on Lots of fun n enjoy

Review №84

Badly needed for thirsty communities. But avg. I found. Should be named children park; name islands of fun has no match with whatIt is.Just rides inside and every food stuff is expensive (charging far over price tags or market price. sad phenomena). You are not allowed to bring own food; what?Loads of rides for kids but under age 8 have hardly any thing.

Review №85

Slow service no workers available on rides area

Review №86

Askari is a good place for outing and Entertaiment for teenage, but Rides are too much expensive According to Other Amusement Park.

Review №87

Best place for family entertainment.....

Review №88

I went there today and it was closed for some reasons. And it was a note written there gair muyanna mudad k liye park bnd hay ..

Review №89

A good theme park. I guess it has opened again after the incident which had happened over here. Because when ever I move by this amusement park the lights of every rides are just lit up and people are moving into the amusement park lately. Which proves that it had opened again.They should maintain their rides, in order to save lives.

Review №90

Fine Place

Review №91

Very nice park, clean area, great gaming areas for both kids and elders. So, cooperative staff.

Review №92

V Good

Review №93

Very Nice place for visiting with kids and family, once you come here you will not want to go back from this place, specially your kids will not allow you to go back, here is lot of fun, so i suggest you that come here and enjoy with your family. Have a great fun, God bless you.

Review №94

Place for child & olders both

Review №95

The best amusement park with the best rides in Karachi. The ferris wheel is the biggest in Pakistan and is a must enjoy. The place is superbly clean and the staff is very cooperative. All in all a good experience.

Review №96

Askari Park Is Too Old And Famous Park Of Karachi. Recently 1 Rider Foldown due to this 1 Girl Died and Many People Zakhmi. I Advise to my family not to Rider any Jula

Review №97

Overall not a bad place. But an absolute nightmare if you visit on Saturday or Sunday, specially after sunset.Waiting of around 2 hours for the Roller Coaster ride.

Review №98

Askari Island is one of the most entertaining park in karachi. Managed by Pak Army retired officials.Neat and clean area, thrilled rides, food quality is very good, rides for toddlers also available.Must visit this place with your family and friends. Children love that place and rides that is the most entertaining part of the park.

Review №99

Amazing place and this place safe for Children ... all rides are technically fit now after reviewing and visiting the Disneyland s sister concern company

Review №100

#AskariAmusementPark is a new Facility in Town for #Families and #Children. They have so many different kind of rides ranging from little kids to all the way for #Adults.Thefe are some daring rides as well on Which so many people will only think to ride on but will not be able to ride. That includes #Discovery which turns upside down and at the hieght of about 130 feet above the ground.Similarly there is #Bunjee Throw kind of ride which shoots You out of the #launchpad from ground level to about 160 feet above the ground and You keep on #bouncing from higher and to lower side while turning the seat upside down multiple times. Thats heck of a ride and needs some daring guts to ride on.Then you can ride on All time favourite if kids and adults the #Dodging cars as well. There are many many more rides in #Askari Amusement Park including #Karachi Eye, #Swinging Balloons, #Indoor #Games and so many more. There are #FoodCourts as well from where You can have different kind of #Foods.Highly recommended for Families and Kids.

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  • Address:Old Sabzi Mandi Main یونیورسٹی روڈ Near Central Jail, Karachi, 75300, Pakistan
  • Site:
  • Amusement park
Working hours
  • Monday:3–11PM
  • Tuesday:3–11PM
  • Wednesday:3–11PM
  • Thursday:3–11PM
  • Friday:3–11PM
  • Saturday:3PM–12AM
  • Sunday:3PM–12AM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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